We are close by, Natural and Different. You may even enjoy your dental visit to us!

Your first visit will start with a chat about the most important person…YOU! The things you like to do and health issues you care about. Your state of mind. And most importantly, just what you want and expect from us. You’ll also learn some eye-opening things. For example, how your dental health can affect other parts of your body, and how easy it is to keep your teeth cleaner and mouth healthier.

At Lifetime Dental Health we believe that the mouth is a mirror to your overall health and that a breakdown in the mouth is an early warning sign to poor general health. Why? Because our goal is to help you have control of your dental health. We’ll help you devise a long-term plan that suits your priorities, your time constraints and your budget. We’ll explain all your options – what’s involved and how much they cost. For example, you might want a brighter smile right now. Perhaps you’re worried about bleeding gums, wearing teeth and unseen cavities. Maybe you simply want to eat a steak dinner without concern.

The point is, you’ll have all the information and the expert help you need to make the decisions and take control of your dental health.

Our Dental health and hygiene services include:

We also able to arrange gentle intravenous sedation or ‘twilight’ anesthesia Sleep Dentistry) for any patients that feel very anxious or phobic about dental treatment.  Alternatively we can also arrange dental treatment to be done at a local day hospital under general anesthetic.

The ‘Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles’ Initiative

The ‘Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles’ initiative is a partnership between the Victorian Government and Dental Health Services Victoria supporting dentists who work with children aged 0 – 3 years old and pregnant women. It aims to build knowledge, skills and confidence in oral health to enable these key community workers to promote oral health as part of their everyday business.

The initiative concentrates on building the ability of dentists to promote oral health through the improvement of diet and reduce oral health risk behaviours of young children, families and pregnant women. Families with young children regularly use health services so professionals working in these environments are in a perfect place to promote knowledge concerning healthy eating and good oral health practices.

Promoting oral health in the early years is in investment in the future health of Victorians.