Pain Free Dentistry with Sleep Sedation

The dentist can be a scary place for many people, but it doesn’t need to stay like this! If you find that your usual, routine dental check-ups are getting postponed or pushed back because of fears of pain, overactive gag reflexes, or a failure to accept local anaesthetic – don’t worry. Sleep dentistry is a pain free solution for patients to receive all of their needed work in one session whilst completely sedated, freeing them from the expected anxiety or nerves they might experience, should they undergo the service awake.

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How Sleep Sedation Can Provide Pain Free Dentistry Services

Sleep sedation provides a pain free dentistry option through the medical administration of a relaxing solution by a trained anaesthetist. Similar to when you are having surgery, you will proceed to fall asleep in what is known as ‘conscious sedation’, and our dental experts will then perform whatever procedures are requested from your visit. This is all done without you experiencing a thing, and having a trained anaesthetist on-hand to focus on your well-being permits your dentist to focus on your oral care, ensuring complete safety during any procedure and the best results by the time you wake up. And when you do, you will have no memory of your time in the chair, and experience only the marginal side effects of general anaesthetics, such as temporary dizziness and nausea.

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