Cosmetic Dentistry

We are passionate about finding out
what you want and giving you the
best smile you can have.

Holistic Dentistry

We educate you about the chemicals
to avoid in your mouth, without causing
damage to the rest of the body.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS)
is a highly prevalent condition, but it is
under-diagnosed and under-managed

General Dentistry

Your teeth need regular active maintenance
dental check-ups and ongoing, long-term
dental care, to ensure optimal performance.

Non Extraction Orthodontics

Corrective devices such as braces and plates
are used to gently and gradually bring the teeth
and jaws into proper alignment.

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Holistic Health Better For You Safer Dentistry And Toxic Free

Established in 2000, with the purpose of approaching each and every aspect of dental care and dental hygiene from the eyes of our patients, our staff and premises reflect our desire to enhance your experience with us, while ensuring you receive the highest level of dental care.

Creating beautiful smiles safely for you and your family.

Holistic Dental Clinic in Prahran, Melbourne

Are you looking for a holistic dentist who is part of a recognised and reputable dental clinic? Lifetime Holistic in Prahran, Melbourne offers much more than general dentistry treatments; we are your experienced and friendly professional mercury-free and pain-free dentist. We can perform braces without extractions, emergency dentistry procedures, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, snoring treatments and much more.

Oral health is vital to maintaining your general wellbeing, which is why at our dental clinic we take a holistic approach to dentistry to ensure that our patients get the best care possible for their teeth and gums.

Lifetime Holistic Dental has been providing holistic, patient-focused dentistry and care for more than 15 years and has enjoyed building a solid reputation across Melbourne as a clinic who favours pain-free and mercury-free dental work. All of our patients are treated for their unique prefer dental requirements, and we pride ourselves on providing not just general dentistry but a personal approach to oral hygiene.

Our Holistic Dentistry Services

True to our claim that we provide much more than just general dentistry, at Lifetime Holistic Dental we offer our patients in Prahran and surroundings areas of Melbourne a range of services, including: Our friendly and peaceful dental clinic welcomes patients from South Yarra, Prahran and across all Melbourne suburbs, and we work to create an environment where you can feel comfortable and relaxed in.

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For braces without extractions, holistic and general dentistry practices and a mercury-free and pain-free dentist, Lifetime Holistic Dental is the one for you.