Emergency Dental Treatment

Sorry to hear you are in pain. We are here to HELP! 

If you are in pain please call our Emergency Dentist hotline on (03) 9529 2920

If you are calling outside of our opening hours, contact us on 0407 877 855.

We are the expert Emergency Dentists in Melbourne. Our dentists have more that 30 years experience at helping people with a tooth ache.  Our number one goal is to get you out of pain ASAP! Everyday we are able to accommodate new patients who have a dental emergency. We have an emergency appointment time set aside each day to cater for such emergencies. if the dentist makes your break into a sweat we have lots of specialised ways to help those “Dental Cowards’. We enjoy catering to “cowards” with calm, relaxing, painless dental treatment.

Pain comes from many areas of the head and neck and we are experts at finding the cause and treating it gently and quickly. If, like most of us,  you are concerned about cost we will estimate all Emergency Dental treatment before commencing. Thus there will be no unwelcome surprises at the front desk.

We always keep emergency appointments open everyday just for those emergencies! We will endeavour to book you on the day or next day. We have top priority for any emergency children patients – They will be seen straight away.  So please give us a ring on 9529 2920 to get your pain relieved and smile back on your face. 


A toothache can be caused by a variety of reasons such as gum disease, broken teeth, cavities or pressure from an infected wisdom tooth. When contacting us, we will ask you a range of questions which will help us, help you. These questions may include:

  • Are your teeth sensitive or sore to hot, cold or sweet?
  • When did the pain start? 
  • Are you experiencing pain elsewhere e.g. towards the ear, neck, headaches?
  • Is there swelling?
  • Is the pain constant, dull, throbbing or intermittent?
  • Does the pain keep you up at night or wake you out of sleep?
  • Have you taken any pain relief medication and has it helped?
  • if your answered yes then the pain is most likely of dental origin ringing 9529 2920 will be the quickest way to get out of pain, calming and gently. 

Trauma or Sport Injuries

If a tooth has been knocked out or partially broken, collect the tooth and any fragments. There are times that the tooth can be re- implanted and saved if done promptly. If the tooth has been completely knocked out then re-insert it in the socket and come straight to us. By the way do not wash it under a water tap or put it in milk – just put it straight back in the socket it came from and get to us. 

Chipped / Cracked / Broken Teeth / Lost Fillings

If a tooth has been chipped or you have lost a fill, it maybe sharp  and be cutting your tongue and/or cheek. We suggest avoid eating on that side and give us a ring on 9529 2920. If the tooth is sensitive to hot, cold or sweet then you definitely need to come and see us ASAP!. Our dentists are able to repair your teeth with white strong fillings that are safe.  

Abscess (Infection)

An abscess is a collection of pus caused by germs or bacteria invading the tooth or gums. There are two types that affect the mouth – gum infections and tooth infections. A gum infection or gum  abscess is caused when bacteria or food gets trapped in the pockets or gaps between gum and tooth and are not cleaned out properly. A gum abscess looks like a pimple or bubble on the gum. The gum in the area is sore, red and often hot. It is treated at the dentist by thoroughly cleaning out the trapped bacteria and food under local anaesthetic.

A Tooth abscess occurs when the germs or bacteria eat through the tooth to the nerve, kill the nerve and cause infection at the end of the tooth. It causes the tooth to be sore to bite on and often the gum is swollen. If left, this infection can spread to other parts of the face and neck causing the patient to be hospitalised. Pain is often continuous and can be described as throbbing and sharp – it will likely keep you up at night or even wake you up from a deep sleep due to severe pain! The tooth will be sensitive to touch, and to hot and/ or cold. In some cases, an ice pack may alleviate some of the pain. You will need to see a dentist as soon as possible to get you out of pain. Antibiotics may be prescribed if the infection is severe. Take pain killers. The latest research says to take Nurofen and Panadol together, 2 of each, to achieve great short term relief of the pain. 

If the tooth is saveable, our Lifetime Dental dentists will  place antibiotics and pain killer medicine inside the tooth to fight the infection and relieve your pain. if the tooth is too far gone then and cannot be saved then the tooth maybe extracted and our dentists can provide options for replacing it. Remember the sooner we see you the higher the chance we can save the tooth. 

Lost Or Loose Crown Or Veneer

If you have dislodged your crown or veneer, our dentists are often able to re-cement it back into place. If it has been lost, we can create a temporary crown or veneer at the emergency appointment, and appoint you to make a new one. You will never be without your front tooth. 

Orthodontics, Sleep and Other Oral Appliances and Dentures

If a wire or bracket has come off, Dr Chris Darby is able to re-cement or fix it. If your orthodontic or sleeping appliance has been damaged, or your denture has fractured  please come in as soon as possible for us to assess and fix the problem before things get out of hand. Brace are very active and leaving wires “dangling” in the mouth can cause irritation or worse and the teeth can move out of position without the appliances surprisingly quickly.. 

 Don’t delay, contact the Emergency Dentists at Lifetime Dental today!