Pain Free & Sleep Dentistry

Pain free dentistry is possible at Lifetime Holistic Dental. Delivering dental care that accounts for our patient’s fears, phobias and concerns is a vital part of our service delivery as a holistic dental practice.

Sleep Dentistry

We offer a calm, gentle and relaxed approach to dentistry because we believe that fear should be no barrier to achieving optimal oral health. We offer a variety of techniques, to ensure you enjoy painless dentistry. We love catering to dental “cowards”.

Our Pain Free Dentistry Techniques

  • Music: Music is a proven method for quelling anxiety. We invite you to listen to your favourite music while we perform the treatment, so that it blocks out the sounds that can provoke the feelings of fear.
  • The Wand (Computer Controlled Anaesthetic System): The Wand offers anaesthetic without the need for injections – the definition of painless dentistry! With The Wand, the fear of needles is gone.
  • Oral Sedation: If you’re feeling anxious about your dental treatment, we can prescribe oral sedatives. Just make sure you ask for this option before you visit the clinic.
  • Breathing and Relaxation training – we teach you some simple but very effective ways to relax in the dental chair. These techniques are also useful outside the dental office.

Our Sleep Dentistry Techniques

We offer two options for patients who would rather snooze while we go about our business:

  • IV Sedation: Also known as twilight sedation, puts patients into a dream-like haze. The procedure is entirely pain free, and a trained medical specialist will be present to monitor your breathing, control the sedation and prevent any pain and ensure your complete safety. You will be entirely conscious, but completely unaware of the treatment, and many patients don’t remember the procedure at all. My patients always report that IV sedation was the best dental experience ever
  • General Anaesthesia (GA): If you would prefer to be completely knocked out and safely cared for then we can perform a GA. Our fully trained medical anaesthetist can perform the GA at our dental surgery. We can do this for both fearful adults and children at Lifetime Holistic Dental in Prahran. You will be unconscious, and it is completely painless.

Why Choose Our Pain Free and Sleep Dentistry

  • Phobias and fears of the dentist are very real and can be crippling. Dental care is an essential part of your overall health plan, which is why we offer painless and sleep dentistry to our patients.
  • If you are unsure we have your degree of fear covered, we encourage you to talk to our team. We’re more than happy to tailor our treatment plans to suit your situation, and so far we have catered to all our dental cowards needs.
  • As a family dentist, we are also very experienced in dealing with your kid’s fears. We know how to remove the fear, and create an environment they feel comfortable in, and want to keep coming back to time and time again.

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