Pain Free & Sleep Dentistry

At Lifetime Dental, we cater for dental cowards! If there is something bothering you about your teeth or oral health but you’ve been letting fear stop you, come now before that little something becomes a big something! Also think of the relief to finally have that something fixed! The staff and dentists at Lifetime Dental are here to help you to get dental treatment in a calm, gentle and relaxed manner. We are here to help you, and perhaps overcome your fear, so that we can help you maintain a happy, healthy, and bright smile! We have several methods and options to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible.


We offer all our patients music to listen to while we perform treatment. This blocks outs the typical sounds heard during the appointment – hand-pieces (you may know them as drills) and suction. Feel free to bring your iPod/ music player or CD to listen to while we work.

The Wand (Computer Controlled Anaesthetic System)

If you are afraid of needles, we have the The Wand available to provide painless injections by controlling the speed of the injection. Of course our dentists are well trained and experienced in giving controlled injections but the wand takes human error out of the equation and therefore a painless controlled injection every time. The wand also does not look like a traditional needle which may be a scary site for some!

Oral Sedation

For those that are quite anxious about treatment, sedatives can be prescribed and taken prior to treatment to help calm nerves. Patients opting for this method need to speak to our dentist first and a prescription will be required to obtain sedatives.

Sleep Dentistry

At Lifetime Dental, we provide two options for those wishing to do dental treatment via sleep dentistry.

IV Sedation

IV sedation or twilight sedation makes patients feel like they are in a dream like haze. Patients feel no pain what so ever and a trained medical specialist is beside you all throughout treatment to monitor your breathing and control sedation levels. You will still be conscious during treatment and able to breathe on your own. Patients that have done treatment under IV sedation have remarked about not remembering the procedure at all or thinking the appointment was a dream. Patients may choose this option for wisdom teeth extractions and extensive dental treatment work.

General Anaesthesia (GA)

We have made arrangements with nearby day hospital where we can perform dental treatment under GA. Patients are unconscious (completely asleep) during treatment and in this state, you can’t feel any pain, even without local anaesthesia. Patients may choose this option for wisdom teeth extractions and extensive dental treatment work. Patients need to be 16 years and older for dental treatment under GA.