Holistic Dentistry

Lifetime Holistic Dental offers holistic dental care because we care about educating and helping all our patients achieve optimal health. Your oral health is linked to your overall health, so dental treatments need to be about more than just cleaning teeth and treating cavities. It needs to take account for the various health and lifestyle factors that create these problems.

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Essentially, we are here to look after all the details so you can relax and not worry. We understand that busy people, can at times not look after their overall health, or their dental health.

Our holistic dentist offers information on everything from your diet to lifestyle habits and even your brushing technique. We ensure you are living the type of life that will give you lifelong optimal dental health. That’s the dental care you need and deserve.

What Will a Holistic Dentist Pick Up On?

There really is a lot of information out there, and a lot to worry about, when it comes to your health, we can monitor your oral health and provide information on:

  • The safety of your dental fillings, and whether you should remove and replace them
  • Checking on your bone density, to see if your gum and jaw health is in decline
  • The toothpaste, floss and mouthwash you use and safer alternatives
  • Monitoring your breathing and swallowing mechanisms, and looking out for underlying issues in growth and health.
  • Your child’s development, especially the way their teeth and jaws are growing
  • Techniques for diagnosing and preventing mouth disease, and even mouth cancer
  • The healthy habits you need to adopt to avoid decay, tooth loss and gum disease
  • The way your oral health can affect your overall health and vice-versa
  • What special dental things a pregnant or soon to be pregnant mum needs to do to keep baby healthy

You’ll notice a common trend here. When you visit our holistic dentist in Melbourne, you’ll receive a comprehensive treatment plan. Our treatment looks at causes, effects and everything in between. This is a far more comprehensive approach that goes beyond your teeth and gums. This comprehensive approach benefits you and is the difference between a holistic dentist and a regular dentist.

The other benefit of a holistic approach is that we always seek out non-invasive forms of treatment, including laser dentistry. If a tooth can be saved, we don’t pull it out. If we can treat gum disease without a needle, we’ll use that option.

Dentistry doesn’t have to be about drills, needles and pain. Like any other medical treatment, it should be as natural and painless as possible. Natural and painless treatments have the best outcomes, and that’s what Lifetime Holistic Dental is focused on. Creating an natural environment for the body to heal itself.

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