Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are an integral part of our safe dental care treatment plan.

Lifetime Holistic Dental is committed to having the latest technology that keeps you as safe as possible, which is why we have invested in a state-of-the-art Cone Beam CT. This technology gives us the ability to diagnose conditions that other dental clinics just aren’t able to with the lowest radiation doses.

digital dental xray

A Cone Beam CT is a new type of dental 3D imaging which provides high resolution scans of the teeth, jaws and neck and face. The x-rays that it delivers are then used to create 3D images in specially designed software. We can then see your teeth and the surrounding bones in an array of different views, enabling us to quickly diagnose and provide a higher quality of treatment.

We only take essential x-rays that are consistent with our holistic dental approach. We see x-rays as a major part of our preventative dental care approach. X-rays allow us to see between the teeth and diagnose cavities as early as possible. This means we can then use non-invasive preventative treatments. This is always preferable to finding decay when it is further progressed and requires more invasive treatments.

How Does an X-Ray Work?

X-rays are essentially a form of electromagnetic radiation. They have a high energy level that can pass through the majority of objects, including human tissue. When x-rays travel through the air, and pass through your body, they create different shades of grey to produce an image on a special type of X-ray digital sensor.

There are different types of x-rays:

  • Intra-oral: An x-ray taken inside the mouth
  • Extra-oral: An x-ray taken outside the mouth (like a Cone Beam CT)
  • 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional

We commonly use intraoral x-rays, as they give us the most detail of the teeth, bone and supporting tissues of the teeth. This allows us to:

  • Detect dental cavities: The earlier we find cavities, the more likely we can use preventive regenerative approaches. The later, the more likely you will have pain, need a Root Canal or loose the tooth and the larger the cavities the more difficult the restoration process will be.
  • Check the health of the tooth roots: Avoid root canals and gum disease by finding bacteria early.
  • Identify gum or periodontal disease: If periodontal disease progresses too far, it is almost impossible to treat, and your teeth will fall out.
  • Check how teeth are developing in young children: We monitor growth to ensure your children avoid invasive orthodontic procedures later on in life. We also monitor your child’s facial growth and development so as to prevent poor growth occurring.
  • Keep an eye on the effectiveness of our preventative purposes.

Cone Beam CT X-Ray

As an holistic dentist practice, we believe that detecting problems as early as possible is essential to protecting your overall body health. It allows us to intervene early, which usually means we can address the issue with as little disturbance to your mouth and associated structures as possible. Our goal is to prevent infections in your teeth, and gums and save you from very expensive treatments.

How Do Cone Beam CT X-Rays Help Us Achieve This?

Our state-of-the-art low dose cone beam CT generates 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues and even nerve paths within one scan. This means we can be far more precise in our treatment and locate minute problems that can quickly balloon. It also meets our standards by using far less radiation than conventional CT imaging.

We can diagnose diseases within your jaw, your teeth, and even your sinuses, nasal cavity and the bone structures that make up your face.

The best part is, there is no special preparation required. You just have to:

  • Remove any jewellery or piercings from the head and neck region
  • We’ll remove any dentures and plates for you
  • We will sometimes give you a special plate to wear during the scan
  • The procedure only takes 10-15 seconds and we’re left with incredible images that give us all the information we need so we can completely plan your treatment.

Why We Use Digital X-Rays

  • Digital x-ray imaging significantly lowers the radiation dose
  • The images can be stored, shared and retrieved electronically and sent for specialist diagnosis and reporting anywhere in the world
  • The images can be processed and enhanced after exposure, unlike conventional x-rays
  • No chemicals are used in developing digital x-rays. This means it is a more eco-friendly option and no chemicals are poured down the drain, which we love as a holistic dentist
  • The images are ready instantly so we can begin treatment right away

Why Choose Us for Digital X-Rays?

  • We don’t just use our x-rays to diagnose, we use them to help prevent disease. We use  x-rays to find the little issues that can snowball, and this saves you a lot of money and pain when we find disease early
  • We take your concerns into account, so if you hold any fears of x-rays, and x-ray doses, we’ll be happy to discuss these with you and offer relevant alternative diagnostic options
  • We’ve invested in the best possible equipment. We think your health is worth it, and we have the best x-ray technology that can help us detect those small problems just that little bit earlier

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