Veneers are an incredibly popular cosmetic dental treatment. They give you the chance to attain your dream smile because they address a whole range of cosmetic issues, including:

  • Stained, yellow or blackened teeth that won’t respond to whitening.
  • Crooked, misshapen teeth
  • A gapped smile
  • Cracked, or chipped teeth

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What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are slivers of either composite or porcelain that are affixed to the front of teeth. They are most like false nails, in that they are made to mirror and improve the shape of existing teeth.

Our Veneers Process

The first step in the veneers process involves preparing the existing teeth. To prepare the teeth, thin layers of enamel need to be removed, this is done under local anaesthetic. Once the teeth have been prepared:

  • Impressions of your teeth are made in dental putty
  • Impressions are sent away so veneers can be custom made
  • Once the veneers are ready, they are affixed and shaped
  • When you are happy with the look, you can leave and show off your new smile!

Why Should I Get Veneers Fitted?

As a holistic dentistry, we believe that inner confidence is key to overall health. If you don’t feel confident in your smile, it affects every aspect of your confidence and self-image, which has a devastating impact on your social and professional life.

Genetics, age and trauma can cause our teeth to become crooked, cracked or discoloured. You often have no control over this process, but you can take control of the treatment process.

Having dental veneers fitted won’t just make your teeth look better, it will give you a whole new lease on life. You’ll engage in more conversations, your personal relationships will improve, and you’ll have the confidence to chase your dreams in your professional life and get the success you deserve.

Veneers are an investment in your future and your happiness, and they don’t cost as much as you think. We have so many before and after photos of patients that have had this process completed and walked out the door an entirely different person. The results are astounding, and you can expect them to last for up to 10-years.

Your smile really is a mark of confidence and inner health, so get one you can be proud of.

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