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Looking for a South Yarra dentist that offers a holistic treatment? Lifetime Holistic Dental are not only passionate about holistic dentistry and offer general dentistry procedures, but we always have an emergency dentist available at the dental clinic should you require immediate assistance.

Remember, oral health is about more than teeth and gums. Your oral health plays a significant role in your overall health, and any issues in your mouth could be pointing to a much larger and more serious problem.

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At Lifetime Holistic Dental, we do much more than clean and straighten teeth. We use a holistic approach to dentistry and use comprehensive treatment plans to identify underlying problems and set you up for lifelong oral health. Remember, a healthy smile is about much more than white, straight teeth.

We’ve become the preferred dentist for patients in South Yarra because they know the difference our unique approach makes.

The entire reputation of our dental clinic is built on the provision of holistic, patient-focused dentistry care over the past 15 years. Patients keep coming back because they love the fact that they are treated as individuals, instead of just another filling or scale and clean. They also love our ability to complete not just general dentistry requirements but that we have an emergency dentist always available to help.

You’ll also love our friendly staff, an inviting and peaceful dental clinic. We know that a trip to the dentist can be an unpleasant experience, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to create a space where you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your treatment.

If you’re looking for a refreshing dental clinic, with a holistic approach to dentistry and one where your wants and needs are considered, you’ve found it at Lifetime Holistic Dental. Whether you need to see our dentist for an emergency toothache, or your child requires general dentistry assistance, we are here for you.

Our South Yarra Holistic Dentist Services

At Lifetime Holistic Dental, we offer the range of services you and your family need to make us your dental clinic of choice for life. Come to us for:

Dr Chris Darby (Principal Dentist)

Our principal dentist has the experience and knowledge you need. Dr Chris Darby founded Lifetime Holistic Dental out of his desire to offer holistic, natural forms of dentistry where causes, not symptoms, were the first point of focus.
With over 30 years experience, Dr Darby completed his dental studies at the University of Melbourne and has since become a renowned expert in non-extraction orthodontics, TMD and sleep apnoea treatments.

He is an avid cyclist and tennis player. His two young children have given him a passion for setting children up for lifelong dental health by giving them the tools and habits they need from an early age.

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For an emergency dentist appointment in South Yarra, general dentistry needs or if you want to learn more about holistic dentistry, get in touch with the friendly team at our dental clinic, just: