Emergency Dentist for Prahran And Surroundings Areas of Melbourne

If you are in pain please call our Emergency Dentist hotline on (03) 9529 2920

If you are calling outside of our opening hours, contact us on 0433 808 266.

We are the expert emergency dentists in Prahran, Melbourne. Our dentists have more than 30 years of experience at dealing with everything from a toothache and a bruised gum to broken teeth due to an accident. Whatever the problem, our emergency dentists make sure we get you out of pain ASAP, with first-class dental care.

If you have a dental emergency but are too afraid to visit the dentist, don’t worry. We specialise in pain-free and sleep dentistry to provide the relaxing, stress-free emergency dental experience you need.

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Our Emergency Dentist Procedure

Dental pain comes from many possible sources in the head and the neck. Our dentists are expertly trained to find the cause, and eliminate it. Of course, we will explain all your options and you choose what treatment is best for you and your circumstances. We put you in charge of the entire process, and what you will spend, before treatment begins. No nasty surprises!

To make sure we can fit you in, we always keep an appointment open for emergencies. That means our dentist can fit you in as soon as possible to reduce panic around the emergency and make your pain disappear.

Common Emergency Dental Clinic Procedures

  • Toothache, Gum disease, tooth and gum infections, cavities or pain from impacted wisdom teeth can all cause a toothache and pain in the mouth, face or head. Your dentist will ask you a series of question to identify the cause of the emergency visit and work towards a solution.
  • Trauma/ Sports Injuries: If trauma results in teeth being knocked out or fractured, you need to visit us as soon as possible. If you collect the fragments and visit us promptly, we can often save your teeth. Just remember if the whole tooth is knocked out, to put it straight back in the tooth socket and hold it there, and ring our emergency number 0433 808 266 for immediate emergency dental care with a qualified dentist.
  • Chipped / Cracked / Broken Teeth / Lost Fillings: Teeth are prone to cracks and chips, and fillings can come out. This isn’t a disaster, but it is an emergency that the experienced dentists at Lifetime Holistic Dental are expertly trained to look after you.
  • Abscess (Infection): An abscess is a collection of pus and bacteria under the gum or at the top of the root of a tooth. A gum abscess looks like a pimple or bubble on the gum, and the area will feel sore and hot. An infected tooth has a dead nerve due to bacteria eating through the enamel and dentine and into the nerve. These bacteria can spread to other parts of the face and body. The tooth will be painful to touch, sensitive to hot and cold and often you will have been woken with severe pain.
  • Lost or Loose Crown/Veneer: If you lose a crown or veneer, we can cement it back on or create a temporary replacement until you can have a new one custom made.
  • Orthodontic, Sleep and Other Oral Appliances/Dentures: If you lose a wire or bracket from your fixed orthodontic appliance, or fracture a denture, it’s best to visit us as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

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