Fillings are a common and effective means of tooth restoration in which white composite resin is used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay and restore the strength and function of teeth.

tooth dental fillings

Lifetime Holistic Dental only uses composite resin because it is biocompatible, unlike amalgam fillings which contain mercury and are unsightly. Composite fillings are white, so they are completely invisible inside the mouth.

Fillings don’t just treat cavities, they are also effective at preventing cavities from getting bigger and causing further structural damage. They really are a weapon against losing your teeth. So make sure you visit your dentist every six months to see if you have any cavities that need attention.

Our Fillings Procedure

We offer a procedure that is straightforward and with the help of local anaesthetic, pain-free. We use the following process:

First, all the decayed tissue is removed from the cavity
The composite resin is poured into the cavity, and a light beam is used to cure and set it
Once it is set, we trim and shape the filling until you have the perfect bite

If you have an extensively damaged tooth, we may also add a pin rod to support the filling and add strength to your tooth. In many cases, this can save you from having to have the tooth extracted.

Why Choose Our Fillings Procedure?

  • We offer pain free and sleep dentistry, so you can still have your cavities attended to if you have any dental phobias
  • Our filling procedure is based on holistic dental principles, so it is entirely safe and takes all aspects of your health into account
  • We ensure you get a lasting treatment by taking extreme care with the placement of your fillings, so you get great value for money and the peace of mind in knowing that your teeth are protected from further damage
  • We offer advice on looking after your teeth so you can do everything you can to avoid additional fillings. Our advice ranges from tweaking your oral care routine to making diet and lifestyle choices that will protect your teeth and giver your gums the nutrients they need to thrive

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