Smile Makeover

If you’re not happy with your smile, you’ll love Lifetime Holistic Dental’s smile makeover service. We’re here to give you a smile that you value—everyone should love their smile.

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It’s not just about the aesthetics, it’s about giving you the inner confidence you need to lead a fulfilling life. After a smile makeover, you’ll notice the effects in all aspects of your life. You’ll enjoy social occasions and photographs. You’ll create more personal connections, and you’ll get the confidence to take the next step in your professional life.

As a holistic dentistry, we genuinely value the power of confidence and self-worth. We’ve seen the effect it has, and we want you to benefit from this effect. Your smile is given to you, but you do have the power to change it.

Our Smile Makeover Services

With our holistic approach, we can:

Our other smile makeover services include:

  • Veneers: Veneers fix so many aesthetic issues, and we offer porcelain and composite veneers so you can fix your teeth at the right price.
  • Crowns: Crowns offer a permanent fix for teeth that have become damaged or are misshaped. They match the rest of your teeth perfectly and function exactly like a regular tooth.
  • Dental Implants: Missing teeth don’t just create an aesthetic problem, they can affect your oral health. Get a permanent replacement with implants.
  • Gum Lift: If you’ve got a gummy smile, help is within reach. We can lift your gum or make your gum line more even.

Why Should I Get A Smile Makeover Procedure?

We promise you’ll never regret a smile makeover. All of us have insecurities, and this is one you can remove. Removing insecurities gives you bravery, and that bravery translates into a more fulfilling life. You deserve to feel good every day, and a smile makeover could be an essential step.

The process begins with what you want, what your perfect smile would be. We then offer a realistic idea of what you can expect, and what we can achieve. It’s not about selling false hope, it’s about creating a treatment plan that gives you a smile you want and deserve.

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