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Lifetime Holistic Dentistry is proud to be a biological dentistry. As a biological dentist clinic in Prahran, Melbourne we recognise the link between oral health and overall health. We also understand that any procedure we carry out on your teeth or gums will have an effect on your overall health.

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When you visit Lifetime Holistic Dental, you can be assured of a comprehensive approach. We check everything from your lifestyle to your medical history to ensure we are treating causes, not just symptoms. We also use biologically compatible materials and treatments, because fixing your teeth should never come at the expense of your overall health.

For example, we only use composite fillings, and we encourage any patients with amalgam fillings to have these removed and replaced. Amalgam fillings contain toxic mercury, and that shouldn’t be anywhere near your mouth.

We also offer non-invasive forms of dentistry. We use laser wherever possible over needles, and we also do non-extraction orthodontics to treat issues with teeth and jaw development.

Biological dentistry is also concerned with reducing pain. Pain is never good for overall health, which is why we offer pain-free and sleep dentistry. Not only does this allow fearful or anxious patients to get the treatment they need, but it also improves recovery time.

Our Biological Dentist Services

At Lifetime Holistic Dental, we offer the range of services you and your family need to make us your dental clinic of choice for life. Come to us for:

Dr Chris Darby (Principal Dentist)

Chris is a leading biological dentist, and he has been a pioneer in bringing this form of dentistry to Melbourne. Since completing his studies at the University of Melbourne, he has become an expert and specialist in non-extraction orthodontics, TMD and sleep apnoea treatments.

Chris is a fellow of the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) member.

He is the father of two young children, so he also has a special passion for setting children up with healthy dental habits. Biological forms of dentistry are essential in putting steps in place that will prevent the need for invasive treatments down the track.

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