Mercury Free Restorations

As a holistic dentist, Lifetime Holistic Dental is committed to toxic-free dentistry, he should be offering to remove your mercury containing fillings. Safe removal of Mercury filling is essential and restoring the teeth with safe white toxin free filling materials are central to our philosophy because the weight of research points to the toxicity of these materials, from the day they are placed till the day they are removed.

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The problem with amalgam fillings is that they continuously leach mercury. Mercury is well known to be a highly-toxic substance and when released in the mouth is absorbed through the skin of the mouth and swallowed into the rest of the Gut, and breathed into the lungs. The cumulative effect can be incredibly harmful. Mercury poisoning from these types of fillings isn’t the only cause for concern.

Following amalgam filling removal, we have found tooth decay under existing silver mercury fillings in over 72% of cases. The safe removal of amalgam fillings is vital because without specific safety measures, possible exposure to toxic mercury is increased.

Our Amalgam Removal Procedure

We follow the standard removal protocols set by the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). This procedure involves:

  • Using a non-latex rubber dam, and draping a gown over the patient to limit exposure.
  • The use of an alternative air supply over the nose.
  • Fitting dentists and staff with masks and glasses.
  • Using an efficient water spray to keep the amalgam cool.
  • Removing amalgam fillings in as large pieces as possible.
  • Using a high-volume vacuum to remove any vapour formed.

Our Mercury Free Restoration Procedure

Our holistic dentistry only uses filling materials that are the safest existing for the human body. We make sure that the materials are strong, biocompatible, long-lasting and colour matched to the tooth. To satisfy these demands, we always turn to specific composite fillings.

We even offer a BPA (Bis-phenol A) free form of composite filling, which is perfect for anyone seeking to avoid Oestrogen agonists.

We remove the mercury containing filling and any decayed tooth under this filling. The white toxic free composite filling is then place in thin layers. We then use a visible light beam, to cure or set the filling hard. We then shape it and carve it to replicate the original tooth. This is our chance to indulge our artistic desires. In shaping and carving the filling we say we are RESTORING the tooth to its original state so that it is an efficient cutting blade for the food we eat. We do not just fill the tooth! For a holistic dentist this is a major distinction! We take extra time to recreate the biting surface of the tooth so you can chew better and proper mastication is beginning and an essential part of the digestion process.

Why Choose for Our Mercury Free Restorations?

  • Save yourself from potential mercury poisoning and tooth fracture due to the expansion and contraction of the mercury filling during eating and drinking.
  • Swap unsightly silver amalgam fillings, for aesthetically-pleasing tooth coloured white composite restorations.
  • Remove the commonly found decay that exists under a great majority of amalgam silver mercury fillings.
  • Protect your teeth from further damage by having a well-formed, and sealed filling fitted, that look and feel and function like the original tooth.
  • Restore function to your mouth, and enjoy a more comfortable bite.
  • Receive the information you need to look after your teeth at home.
  • Take advantage of pain-free and sleep dentistry if you suffer from any dental phobias or anxieties. We love looking after Dental Cowards.

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