Dental Cavity

Dental cavities, or tooth decay, are one of the most common problems we treat at Lifetime Holistic Dental. Luckily, a filling can usually fix a cavity quite easily. But, if cavities are left unattended, the consequences can be severe.

dental cavity filling

What is a Dental Cavity?

A build-up of plaque and other bacteria gradually destroys enamel and dentin, which causes a crack or hole in a tooth. This crack or hole is otherwise known as a cavity. These cracks and holes can occur between teeth, near the gum line and on the back of teeth. Cavities can even occur in the inner layer of the tooth.

If your diet is rich in sugary, starchy and acidic foods, you will be more prone to cavities. All these types of foods increase cavity-producing bacteria.

The problem with cavities is that there are no symptoms when they first begin to form. It’s only once they have progressed that you will notice any pain or sensitivity. Treating cavities as early as possible is essential, and the only way to catch them early is to visit your dentist at least every six months.

Our Dental Cavity Treatment

If we find your cavities early enough, fillings are a simple and effective treatment. Our procedure consists of:

  • Applying local anaesthetic before cleaning away the decayed tissue and tooth
  • Using biocompatible and colour-matched composite resin to fill the hole
  • Using a light beam to cure the resin, before shaping it for a comfortable fit

If we catch your decay early enough, we can use a fluoride treatment to reverse it without a filling procedure.

If your cavities have progressed too far, we can insert a pin to create a more substantial filling treatment, or you may have to have the tooth extracted.

Why Choose Our Dental Cavity Treatment?

  • As a holistic dental practice, we do much more than just treat your cavities. We give you the education you need to lead the type of lifestyle that will prevent further decay and damage. This could include dietary or lifestyle change, as well as ways of improving your oral health routine.
  • We’re interested in developing a lifelong relationship with you, so we can stay on top of your dental health and save you from invasive treatments as a result of decay complications.
  • Having your cavities and decay treated saves you from a whole range of severe conditions such as tooth and bone loss, as well as gum disease and root canal infections.

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