Dental Check Up

Dental check ups are an essential aspect of your dental health and overall health routine. As a holistic dental practice, Lifetime Holistic Dental believes our check ups are the best way to ensure our patients enjoy lifelong dental health.

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Most dental problems have easy fixes if they are detected early. For example, if we identify decay during your check up, we can use a fluoride treatment to reverse this decay. We can even help prevent you from requiring fillings or an extraction.

We encourage our patients to visit us every six months as part of our active maintenance program and broader holistic dentistry philosophy.

You can find information on the cost of our dental procedures here.

Our Dental Check Ups Procedure

Your exact procedure will differ based on your specific needs. During your check up we may offer:

  • Medical & Dental History: Continual updates on your medical and dental history give us the background information we need to create the right treatment plans for you and ensure we pick up on all possible problems.
  • Examination: Every check up will involve a review of your mouth. This allows us to check for everything from wear, to decay and even oral cancer.
  • X-Rays: If we feel as though there could be an unseen problem in your oral health, x-rays are our greatest tool. We use digital x-rays because they reduce radiation exposure.
  • Treatment Planning: If we uncover any issues, a treatment plan will be drawn up with your collaboration.
  • Professional Cleaning: Every check up will be accompanied by a professional clean. A professional clean is the only way to remove plaque that has hardened and turned into calculus. A professional clean removes bacteria from areas you just can’t reach with your toothbrush or floss.
  • Oral Hygiene Advice: Providing education on self care is essential to our holistic dental practice. We ensure you have the information you need to live a life that will give you the best chance of lifelong dental health.

Why Choose Our Dental Check-Ups?

  • We help you to set up a routine that prevents you from invasive, expensive and painful dental treatments. This keeps your dental care affordable.
  • We do much more than check your teeth and gums, we look at your overall health, and a visit to our clinic could uncover a host of other health issues.
  • Our clinic is inviting and friendly, and we have a range of techniques, including pain free and sleep dentistry to ensure even the most fearful patients get the treatment they need.

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