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Dr Chris Darby

Dr Chris Darby

Modern Dentistry: The Science and The Art

Modern dentistry is so far removed from the older aspects of dentistry that the modern dentist would hardly recognise the practices of yesteryear. In fact, the present-day dentist is a mix between a scientist and an artist. With technological improvement, and a focus on technique and patient care, dental practices have improved.

What Are The Key Differences?

Focus On The Patient

There are now far more treatment options available for both the patient and the dentist. The greater number of treatment options offer the clinician far more scope. This allows them to tailor treatments to the individual. Modern dentistry is all about informed consent. So, as a patient, you should be ready to discuss options, get involved with your treatment and choose what is best for you. Step up and take responsibility.

Patient Comfort

Thanks to laser dentistry, as well as pain-free and sleep dentistry, patients can be treated in complete comfort. Laser treatments are much less invasive, and anaesthetics have evolved to the point where the patient really doesn’t have to feel a thing while in the dentist chair. In fact, the patient can sleep all the way through a treatment. Micro tools also mean that the old fashioned dental drill is rapidly being replaced, and that treatments can be far more targeted.

Digital Dentistry

This has been a massive boon for the industry. Digital x-rays are safer for the patient and provide far more accurate images. The images are also available immediately and can be instantaneously shared with other health providers. The images can also be edited, by the dentist, for the purpose of cosmetic dentistry. The patient is able to see what the final outcome is likely to look like and if the treatment involves an implant, bridge  or orthodontics. The images also assist in providing a 3D-render of the mouth. This enables us to check the health of root canals, and assess the effectiveness of root canal treatment.

A Move Away from Reactive Care

This is the core belief of holistic dentistry which has been a philosophical driving force in the push towards more modern forms of treatment. In the past, the dentist just treated existing problems. Now, during check-ups, the dentist works to prevent further issues and takes a more holistic view of overall patient health, not just what’s happening in the mouth. This shift has been essential in preventing decay, gum disease and a range of oral-health-related conditions, as well as preventing other systemic diseases.

Dealing With Dental Phobias

The entire medical world is now far more understanding of the power of the mind. Phobias and anxiety are taken far more seriously. The modern dentist will not seek to push the patient past their fears, but will be able understand them and empathise. Creating a healthy relationship between the patient and the dentist is essential to good dental care. The development of treatment plans, that takes all the patient’s concerns into account, is far more beneficial than strapping the patient down and forcing them into a treatment that will have them avoiding essential therapy for years to come. All our kids love coming to the dentist and that prepares us to look after all the adults that attend our office.

Improved Cosmetic Dentistry

A greater understanding of the mind has led to health professionals having a better appreciation of the importance of self-confidence and self-worth. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry has become more than an aesthetic pursuit, it’s about restoring patient confidence. This increased importance means techniques have improved and patients can now completely reinvent or rejuvenate their smiles. The cosmetic dentist personifies the role of the artist. They listen to your wants and then go about crafting that vision – exactly in the same way as an artist takes a piece of marble and creates a masterpiece.

Removing The Toxicity

In the past, dental treatments could fix one issue and raise another. The use of amalgam fillings is the most obvious example. These fillings contain mercury, an extremely toxic substance. Modern dentists , well Holistic Dentists provide a SAFE amalgam removal service which replaces old fillings with biocompatible alternatives such as safe composite, porcelain or ceramic. The contemporary dentist will take the entire picture of health into account. They will never use a treatment that has a deleterious effect on any other part of your body.

Treatment of Snoring, Poor sleep and Grinding

The modern holistic dentist understands the links between all of the overall body systems. They ensure that treatment does not poorly affect other systems and that those systems do not have a deleterious effect on the dental systems – teeth, gums, jaw joints.

Non Extraction Orthodontics and TMD or Jaw Joint and Headache Treatment

We now understand that there are no extra teeth put in the mouth to have them removed. Thus there are not extra body parts that practitioners can remove. All body bits have a function and so if the teeth are crowded then every effort needs to be made to grow and develop the jaws and fit all the teeth in a correctly sized mouth. The goes along with Jaw joint problems and treatment of headaches. Modern dentists understand that everything is connected and linked. For example, pulling out teeth will shrink the nasal and pharyngeal airways. Tooth grinding causes tooth wear but also stretches the ligaments of the jaw joints.

As you can see, the modern dentist is engaged with much more than teeth and gums. They work as an integral part of your overall health care plan. Visiting your dentist twice a year is essential in safeguarding the health of your mouth. It can also assist in the detection of other health conditions before they worsen.

If your dentist notices a sign of oral cancer, evidence of sleep apnoea, or even malnutrition, it gives you a far better chance of recovery and a return to full health.

Yes, your dentist is an artist. Yes, they are expert scientists, but more importantly, they are your gateway to full optimal health. So, don’t delay that appointment – you never know what it could uncover.

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