Mercury Free Restorations

Current research indicates that amalgam mercury fillings can be detrimental to your health. The research states that all silver amalgam fillings, no matter how old, leach Mercury.  When removing mercury fillings our Lifetime Dental Dentists find decay under at least 72% of the fillings that previous dentists have said are OK to leave in the mouth.  The removal of mercury from your mouth must be done with special safety measures to minimise the possible exposure to Mercury. Our dentists strictly follow the gola standard removal protocols set by the IAOMT ( International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology). They are listed below.  At Lifetime Dental Health Group, we take great care to minimise your exposure to this toxic metal and the harmful side effects that may follow from careless removal of old amalgam fillings.

Lifetime Dental Health Group’s safe amalgam removal procedure includes:

  • Use of rubber dam and gown over patient’s clothes
  • Use of alternative air supply
  • Masks and glasses for dentist & staff
  • Keeping amalgam cool with efficient water spray
  • Removing amalgam in large parts 
  • Use of high volume vacuum

Amalgam (02)

Lifetime Dental Health Group takes great care in the replacement of these fillings, preserving tooth structure and choosing materials which are strong, biocompatible, aesthetic and long lasting. We are now offering a BPA ( Bis-phenol A) free filling material for those who wish to avoid exposure to this Oestrogen agonist. if you have any questions please give us a call.