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Dr Chris Darby

Dr Chris Darby

The Dangers of Mercury Fillings: Are the Fillings in My Mouth Safe?

What are Mercury Fillings?

Do you have mercury fillings? You can usually tell yourself just by looking into your mouth in a mirror with a torch. If the fillings in your mouth are silver, then you have amalgam fillings.

These silver fillings are made of 50% mercury. Mercury is widely known to be a very toxic substance of which there is no safe level. Exposure to it has been known to cause a wide array of health problems, including harm to brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and the immune system. A large filling can even contain as much mercury as a thermometer.

Many studies show that the mercury of amalgam fillings can leak out every time we chew, grind our teeth, drink a hot drink, and even brush our teeth.

Lifetime Holistic Dental can safely replace these amalgam fillings with an alternative that is not only much safer, but also much more aesthetically pleasing.

However, not all white fillings are the same, nor are they all safe. Lifetime Holistic Dental only uses the safest white fillings possible to ensure a healthy mouth and stop ill-effects on your general health.

For example, many white fillings contain Bisphenol As (BPAs), which is a chemical found in many hard plastics and has been linked to several health problems, such as infertility. Other common products that contain BPA include: water bottles, baby bottles, dental devices, eyeglass lenses, and many more items.

Can Amalgam Fillings be Removed Safely?

Many dentists’ approach to removing amalgam fillings can expose the patient to dangerous levels of mercury. At Lifetime Holistic Dental, our filling removal process is conducted in a way that protects patients from increased exposure to mercury. Our dentists are also extremely knowledgeable in regards to the detoxification protocols of heavy metals. We follow strict procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of the patient, staff and dentists alike.

Before the procedure we conduct a consult to ensure the patient is informed on the process of amalgam removal and to make sure they understand the extra effort we go through to make sure everyone is protected and that everything is done in the safest possible way.

During this initial consult, we will also discuss what the patient should do in order to protect the whole body from heavy metal poisoning. Chelation therapy comes in two forms – oral and intravenous. We will discuss these options prior to getting the amalgam fillings removed.

Our protocols are based on that of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The procedure involves:

  • Using a non-latex rubber dam to protect patient from breathing in mercury vapours or swallowing scraps of mercury fillings, and draping a gown over the patient to limit exposure to the mercury extracted.
  • The use of an alternative air supply over the nose to provide patient with a mercury-free source of oxygen.
  • Dentist and staff fitted with masks and glasses.
  • Using an efficient water spray to keep the amalgam cool.
  • Removing the amalgam fillings in as large pieces as possible to minimise the generation of mercury vapour and amalgam particulate.
  • Using a high-volume vacuum to remove any vapour formed which may contain amalgam or mercury particles.

Our Mercury-Free Restoration Procedure

As well as removing the amalgam mercury filling, we remove any tooth decay that may be under it. Around 70% of amalgam fillings have some sort of tooth decay underneath them.

We then use white, toxic-free composite filling and place it in thin layers. Using a visible light beam we then cure – or set – the filling. We then shape and carve it in a way that replicates the original tooth. This is a major distinction between a holistic dentist and a normal dentist. We are not just filling the tooth. Instead, we restore it to its original shape so that it is efficient for eating. We pride ourselves in taking the extra time and effort in recreating a surface of the tooth. This way, you can chew better, particularly since proper mastication is an essential part of the digestion process.

Why Choose Lifetime Holistic Dental for Removal and Restoration?

  • Stop the potential for mercury poisoning or tooth fracture due to the mercury containing amalgam filling expanding and contracting while eating and drinking.
  • Our filling options are aesthetically pleasing, blending into the natural colour of your teeth as opposed to stark silver amalgam fillings.
  • With our filling options, you are protecting your teeth from further damage, with fillings that look, feel and function like your original teeth.
  • We offer pain-free and sleep dentistry for anyone who may suffer from dental phobias or anxieties.

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