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Dr Chris Darby

The Ultimate Guide to Amalgam Filling Removal

Did you know, approximately 75% of Australian dentists still turn to amalgam when it comes to undertaking fillings for back teeth. This is despite the fact that over 50% of amalgam fillings is mercury. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that is linked to many dangerous conditions, including:
  • Autoimmunity diseases
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Kidney dysfunction
  • Food allergies
  • Infertility
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Thyroid problems
As you can see, amalgam fillings are in no way safe, which is why good dentists offer an amalgam removal service.

The Amalgam Filling Removal Process

The toxicity in amalgam fillings means the removal process has to be performed delicately. The process should work like this:
  • A rubber dam should be placed around the tooth.
  • An alternative air supply, in the form of a high-volume vacuum, should be used to catch all vapours released into the atmosphere. This will help ensure that both the dentist and the patient are not exposed to mercury.
  • Dentists and staff should be fitted with masks and glasses.
  • The amalgam filling needs to removed in large parts, to make the process move as quickly as possible.
This process ensures the toxic elements are neither ingested nor inhaled.

Replacing the Amalgam Filling

Despite the toxicity, the amalgam filling does perform an important function, which is why the replacement is just as necessary as the removal. The best material for fillings is composite resin. This material is optimum because:
  • It is entirely invisible within the mouth
  • There is no need to drill out the tooth to place the filling, meaning there is less stress placed on the teeth and surrounding tissue
  • The material is entirely non-toxic and biocompatible
  • The material chemically bonds with your teeth, so it doesn’t just fill a hole it actually supports the structure of the teeth
The process for fitting a composite resin filling is straightforward. In fact, it just takes one session, here’s what you can expect:
  • You will be placed under local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any discomfort throughout the process.
  • The cavity will then be cleaned out, to ensure all decayed tissue and debris is removed.
  • The composite resin is poured into the cavity and then set using a laser beam.
  • The filling is trimmed and shaped until you have the perfect bite.
The most common criticism levelled at composite resin is that it isn’t strong enough to deal with substantial cavities. This isn’t true, as composite fillings can be optimised through a process called pin retention. The pin is inserted into the dentin, and is used to support the structure of the tooth and the filling itself. It ensures the restoration stays in place, and provides protection to the gums when the tooth is severely damaged.

Why Should I Have My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

The world of dentistry has come a long way since amalgam fillings were invented. In fact, concerns about amalgam have been raised since the very first day of the treatment. There is simply no need to fill your mouth with such a toxic substance when there are far better and safer alternatives available. Just think about how much you use your teeth. Every time you chew food or have any sort of trauma to your mouth, you risk releasing some toxic mercury into your mouth and then down and throughout your body. Mercury really is one of the most toxic substances available, so do you really want it in your mouth? If you have an amalgam filling, you need to visit your dentist, and have it removed and replaced with composite resin. Your smile will look better, and you’ll enjoy far better oral and overall health. Having cavities filled is one of the most important dental procedures there is. It prevents you from so much, including tooth extractions, gum infections and the need for a root canal. Holistic dentistry is all about understanding the connection between oral and overall health. For too long dentists have neglected this connection by filling patients’ mouths with mercury. It’s essential that treatments are all designed around solving a problem, without making another problem. That’s what holistic dentistry should do, and that’s what Lifetime Holistic Dental is committed to. We are the trusted provider of amalgam filling removals and restorations to the people of South-East Melbourne. If you want dentistry without the toxicity, visit us today.

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