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Dr Chris Darby

Dr Chris Darby

Your Guide to Safe Mercury Amalgam Dental Filling Removal

Need some information on safe mercury amalgam dental filling removal?

Conventional dentistry often doesn’t take into consideration your overall health when treating your teeth. Because of this, many conventional dentists use toxic and unsafe products which, though they may seem to be helping your teeth, can be doing damage to the rest of your body and overall health. Also recreating the original shape of a tooth is very important.

One common example of toxic materials being used in traditional dentistry is mercury amalgam dental fillings. These fillings, which are silver in colour, contain approximately 50% mercury, which is a toxic substance that has no safe level. Mercury has been linked to various health issues including negatively influencing the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, as well as the kidneys and lungs.

At Lifetime Holistic Dental, we believe in the mouth-body connection. That’s why we are committed to toxic-free dentistry that will improve your oral health and, subsequently, your overall health and wellbeing as well. We offer safe removal of your amalgam fillings and restore them using completely safe and non-toxic materials.

What Are Amalgam Fillings and Why Are They Bad?

If you look closely at your teeth in the mirror and you can see flashes of silver, you have amalgam fillings. These amalgam fillings are composed of about 50% mercury, which is an extremely toxic substance. When you eat and drink, the mercury from your amalgam fillings can be released in your mouth and absorbed through the skin in your mouth, swallowed and digested, or even breathed into your lungs.

Some of the health effects that have been linked to mercury poisoning include:

  • Impairment of vision
  • Lack of co-ordination
  • Speaking, hearing and walking impairment
  • Kidney failure
  • Memory loss
  • Cognitive and motor dysfunction
  • Skin rashes and dermatitis

Mercury compromises your nervous, digestive and immune systems. In pregnant women, mercury can also affect a baby’s brain and nervous system.

What’s more, amalgam fillings have also been shown to be ineffective in protecting your teeth. Dr Darby has found in 72% of cases of amalgam filling removal tooth decay is found underneath the filling.

What’s Involved in Safe Mercury Amalgam Dental Filling Removal?

When removing amalgam fillings, it is of utmost importance to limit exposure to the mercury being removed. Many conventional dentists do not take this into consideration. However, at Lifetime Holistic Dental we offer the safest possible procedure for getting your amalgam fillings removed. Our dentists are extremely experienced and knowledgeable around what the safest practice is when removing heavy metals and the detoxification process involved.

Our patients are our top priority, so before the removal procedure we always conduct a consult to ensure you know exactly what the process involves and that you understand the extra precautions we take to ensure your safety. During this consult we will also discuss our recommendations as to what you can do to protect your whole body from mercury poisoning. There are two forms of chelation therapy – oral and intravenous. We will go through these with you and help you figure out which is best for you.

To remove your amalgam fillings we abide by the guidelines set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to ensure your safety.

The procedure is as follows:

  • We use a non-latex rubber dam to protect you from any mercury vapours or scraps from the fillings and a gown is draped over you to limit exposure.
  • You are supplied with an alternative air supply so you are not breathing in mercury vapours.
  • We use an efficient water spray to keep the amalgam cool.
  • The amalgam is removed in as large pieces as possible so there is less generation of mercury vapour and mercury particles.
  • We use a high-volume vacuum to remove any loose particles and vapour.

Our Restoration Process

After the toxic mercury containing filling is removed, we also remove any tooth decay that we commonly find under the old silver filling.

Our non-mercury filling is white, toxic-free composite that we place in thin layers and then cure with a visible light beam. These composite fillings are not only much better for your wellbeing but blend into your natural teeth, unlike unsightly silver amalgam fillings.

Another major distinction between our filling process and a conventional dentist is that we take the time to shape and carve the filling so that it replicates the original teeth. This means that you can chew better, which is an important part of your digestion process.

Everything that we do at Lifetime Holistic Dental is with the patient in mind. We do can to improve all aspects of your health, keeping in mind not only the present but the future as well.

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