Dental Implant Cost

Dental implants are used to replaced missing teeth. A new root of tooth is placed in the jaw bone and then a tooth coloured crown is joined to that. Implants are expensive but replacing an missing tooth will save a lot of other problems from occurring. You should see dental implants as an investment, especially considering that they’re not just for aesthetics but can also help to prevent a whole host of other problems like jaw pain due to the bite collapsing into the missing tooth space or potentially losing another tooth.

At Lifetime Holistic Dental, we want to make sure that your smile is designed to last your lifetime and so with every dental implant procedure we make sure to provide the patient with education and information to care for the implant and the rest of their teeth. Dental implants like teeth need to be brushed and flossed on a daily basis to prevent gum infection and jaw bone rotting away and the implant falling out.

dental implant cost

Dental Implant Cost

So, how much are dental implants at Lifetime Holistic Dentistry?

The cost of dental implants at Lifetime Holistic Dentistry range from $4,500 to $6,000

But keep in mind, dental implant prices can be much cheaper in the long run when you consider all the money you could save by preventing the problems a missing tooth would otherwise cause, like jaw pain or the loss of more teeth.

Dental implants are also easy and inexpensive to maintain and care for, unlike partial dentures.

Spreading the functional load on more teeth will prevent premature wear of the remaining teeth. Often people do not understand that there is a mutual protection of the back teeth to the front teeth and vice versa. The back teeth are designed to stop the closing path and grind up the food. The front teeth are designed to take all the forces away from back teeth in all positions away from the centre position. The front teeth incise the food and then the tongue moves the food to be between the back teeth and the back teeth grind the food up. The back teeth are not meant to touch when the front teeth are touching. Thus is a back tooth is missing then more pressure is placed on the front teeth and they will wear very quickly.

So loosing a back tooth seems of little significance until one understands that the front teeth will wear done very quickly.

Factors that Impact a Dentist Implant Price

There are many things that can influence tooth implant cost, including:

  • How many teeth are affected. If you need to replace more than one tooth, this will certainly affect the tooth implant price.
  • Your level of health insurance and whether dental implants are covered in your healthcare plan.
  • Whether the tooth has to be extracted before the dental implant is placed.
  • If there is sufficient bone or a bone graft is needed.

Keep in mind, at Lifetime Holistic Dental we pride ourselves on delivering lifelong results. So even if the initial cost may seem a little steep, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands and that any work we do will last you for as long as possible.

Why Visit Lifetime Holistic Dental for Your Dental Implant

  • As a holistic dental practice, we believe that your oral health and overall health are intrinsically connected. That is why you can always be sure that anything we do to your mouth will not negatively impact your general health in the same way traditional dentistry often does.
  • We understand that many people suffer from dental phobias and anxiety, which is why we offer pain free and sleep dentistry.

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