Why Choose a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist cares about the nitty gritty and is rather pedantic about the things you should care about but really do not have time to worry about – what is the best anaesthetic, is that filling material the safest for me, are the ingredients in my toothpaste safe, are there bad chemicals in the polishing paste ….well you get the idea.. We care about the things you didnt' even know you needed to care about!

Why Holistic? 

  1. Otherwise you're slowly poisoning yourself
  2. You're not chewing on the safest dental fillings
  3. Your gums are not healthy and you are losing jaw bone
  4. You're not using the safest toothpaste and floss
  5. You're not breathing and swallowing for optimum health
  6. Your face is not growing ideally
  7. Your children are growing up to be the best they can be
  8. You are going to get sick.. eventually
  9. We help you prevent disease in your mouth
  10. We help you prevent disease in the rest of your body.
  11. We treat more than just holes in teeth.
  12. We treat your whole body.
  13. We treat your confidence and help you make a great first impression every time